Solo Discography:

Neil Leyton – Studio 92 (Compilation; Finetunes Digital, 2013)

Neil Leyton РOut of Synch  (Compilation; Fabulous Generation / AWAL, 2011)

Neil LeytonElite Nylon (FW Music Store / Finetunes Digital, 2010)

Neil Leyton – A Reckoning…¬† (FWK via FW Music Store / Finetunes Digital, Dec. 2007)

Neil LeytonThe Betrayal of the Self (Fading Ways Music UK / Feedback Boogie, 2006)

Neil Leyton – Dead Fashion Brigade EP (Fading Ways Music UK, 2006)

Neil Leyton – Blacklight Skies (Compilation; Supermusic DE, 2005)

Neil Leyton – Evolver (Compilation; Changes One UK 2005)

Neil Leyton – Beat EP (Fading Ways UK, 2004)

Neil Leyton…from the brighter side of her Midnight Sun (Fading Ways / C1 UK, 2003)

Neil Leyton – My New Soul EP (Fading Ways Music / RCD Music 2000)

Neil LeytonDown Secret Avenue with the Last Lovers (Fading Ways Music 1999)


With Ky Anto:

Pretty Volume (2002, released 2006 via FW Artist Collective / Finetunes Digital)

With The Point:

The Point 7″ (side-project with Nicke Andersson, FW Finland 2009)

With The Conscience Pilate:

The Conscience Pilate – Sunday Refugees (Guru Records EEC 1999)

The Conscience Pilate – Living in a Movie Scene (Fading Ways Music 1996, re-issued as Movie Scene St. 1999)

The Conscience Pilate – never for you 12″single (Fading Ways Music 1995)

With Passion’d Flower (on bass):

The Many Trails of the Passion’d Flower (compilation, Fading Ways Records Canada 2008)

Return of the Ugly Warriour (Fading Ways 1998)

The Deaf Condessa (Fading Ways, 2003,  recorded 1994) OUT OF PRINT

Live at the Marquee (Fading Ways, 2003, recorded 1992) OUT OF PRINT

Flowers in the Rain (Fading Ways re-issue 2003, recorded 1991) OUT OF PRINT

Red Orkestra – After the Wars (Bass) (Fading Ways Music 2004)

Jim Clements – Kill Devil Hills (Guitar on two tracks, and occasionally live…) (Fading Ways Music 2005)

Galore – Parader (Guitar) (Fading Ways Music 2003)

Production Credits:
Maria Pettersson – debut ep (2006)
Mark Fernyhough (2005)
Silky – The Self Issue (2002)
Sharpkid – Welcome to our World EP (1999)