The Betrayal of the Self 10th Anniversary Re-Issue

Recorded in Sweden in 2006, following the loss of the digital recordings from Toronto the year before – nearly the entire original album recordings were lost, “The Betrayal of the Self” was Neil Leyton’s 3rd original album and is now re-issued worldwide via Polk Salad Records – featuring the complete track listing of songs recorded at Acetone Studio in Stockholm with The Ghosts: Micke Ghost, Tommie Riot, Jan-Eric Olsson, Ola Eklof and Larsa “Laurent Gaston” Gustafsson.


The entire album was remastered, keeping in mind that the original CD version was mastered by Leyton himself (on NS10’s no less, and on moogerfooger overload). We trust it sounds better, or at least closer to Micke Borg’s mixes. Additional tracks include Acetone recordings for the “The Insanity of Normality” album that was never finished, also featuring Micke Ghost, Tommie Riot and Jan-Eric Olsson.

Lastly, the Hyperventilating single was also re-issued, with the original Toronto recording as the B-side – one of the few rough mixes that survived from the original Toronto sessions, featuring Bonz and Loaf from The Pariahs and Carl “Aceface” Nanders on bass!


Check it out on Spotify, iTunes, and other fine digital retailers.