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Neil Leyton: “Studio 92” Early Years Compilation

Neil Leyton: "Studio 92" Early Years Compilation

Toronto. Early 90’s. There used to be a recording studio in the old Donlands movie theatre, Studio 92. It was owned and run by Norm Barker and several independent artists from Toronto and the surrounding areas recorded their very first demos and albums there. Over the years Norm would go on to record the likes … more

“Socialismo” Electric & Acoustic Interventionist EP’s

"Socialismo" Electric & Acoustic Interventionist EP's

These have been on the web for some time: you can freely download them from the ZIP file and unzip for a sampling of the more political side of Neil Leyton. Some of it serious, some of it tongue in cheek, there’s politics for everyone. Enjoy! http://www.fadingwaysmusic.com/socialismo/eps.html